Avon Group

Avon Group are a unique Group of Industrial Manufacturing centres focussed on ‘Engineered Solutions’.

This broad term embraces:

  • Design, Project Management and Tool Production
  • Gaskets, Seals and Washers
  • Rubber Mouldings and Extrusion
  • Plastics in various forms from Injection Moulded to Twin sheet Vacuum Formed
  • Acoustic non-woven materials with Heat Sealed edges
  • Assemblies and Kitting

Throughout the Group, we have the ability to take a client’s concept from the embryo of an idea through to volume production and along the way utilising our designers, chemists, technical team all as required.

We are regarded as a World class organisation and fully recognise that where raw materials and energy is rapidly increasing in costs, the successful companies will be those who are able to optimise the efficiency and quality of their manufacturing operations.

Avon Group is committed to achieving the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Service Standards

One call to our dedicated Customer Services team and your enquiry will be dealt with swiftly. Avon Group clients, a list of which includes the World’s largest organisations, expect nothing less. We train our staff to ensure technical enquiries can be handled on the call and often have safety stocks of regular items to ensure timely support.

Avon Group has its customers at heart and by committing our respective operations to the World class manufacturing journey our aim is to reduce lead times, achieve on time, in full, deliveries and always supply excellence.

There is very little our specialists don’t know and few capabilities that we don’t offer… in short whatever your requirement, call Avon Group.


Our aim is to provide not only the products, but Engineering Solutions that commercially work and satisfy your needs. We have the global foot print and experience with industry experts to advise on applications in each of our market sectors.

We have Testing rigs, Research and Development laboratories to ensure we are always at the forefront of industry, setting new standards and, of course, supporting our clients’ technical edge.