AER Stafford Ltd

AER Stafford Ltd are a manufacturer of vehicle components, primarily supplying the UK Automotive sector. Light Gaskets, Anti-vibration and squeak Foams, Wheel and Interior Trim Protectors, Vacuum Forming

  • Staff: 180
  • 110,000 sq ft factory

Raw materials

Open cell Polyurethanes; Closed cell Polyethylene; Closed cell EPDM Sponge; semi closed cell Foams; expanded Polypropylene; Solid Rubber; Rubber to Metal; ABS; HDPE; Polypropylene; Felts and non-woven Fabrics; Fleece eg. Thinsulate

Pioneers in non-small, lightweight Foam Airflow Ducting

Production Capabilities

2D Gasket Cutting

Front/rear light Gaskets; Pads, blocks and shaped Gaskets

2K Rubber Moulding

Car body strengtheners and dampers; Aluminium door and BIW

5-axis CNC trimming, supported by off-line CAD/CAM programming

5-axis CNC routing technology offers enhanced quality and accuracy of trim on both complex 3D forming’s and straightforward flat profiles, alongside faster and repeatable results.
All programs are written in-house which guarantees tolerances are met and any modifications can be addressed immediately. 5-Axis CNC routing and trimming is a vital process in today’s market for repetition and accuracy of both shape and profile.
The company’s range of 5-axis CNC trimming offer customers precise trimming of components.


Door frame insulators; Tool kit assembly

Adhesive application

The bonding of parts using high temperature adhesive or adhesive strips.

Chrome plating

A finishing operation which involves applying a chrome finish to all manufactured parts.

Encapsulated NVH Foam

NVH across the vehicle

EPP Moulding

Fillers; Tool kits; Battery boxes and containment


The use of flocking in the Automotive Industry varies from Compartment Storage Components (Glove Boxes, Centre Consoles and Armrests) to Anti Vibration Foam. This results in the reduction of engine noise and scratch protection to other objects.

Head/side impact Foams

Safety Foams

Kiss cut

Strips in all types of Foam and solid Rubber with adhesive backing

Leather wrapping

A finishing operation which involves leather wrapping finished parts based on the requirements of our customers.

NVH Fleece cut and sealed

NVH across the vehicle

Pedestrian impact Foams

Safety Foams

Plastic Injection Moulding

Interior, exterior and under bonnet applications

Polyethlene Compression Moulding

Door frame insulators; Baffle

Polyurethane Foam Moulding

NVH across vehicle

Punch and Die pressing

A finishing operation to cut parts, commonly used for trimming of plastics.

Rubber Injection/Compression Moulding

Interior, exterior and under bonnet applications

Rubber to Metal bonding

Interior, exterior and under bonnet applications

Sub-component assembly

Component assembly is the combination of sub-components to create an end-product after assembly and is often a requirement for injection moulding-related work such as assembly to ducting.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. It is commonly used for plastics and especially for joining dissimilar materials. An example of ultrasonic welding would be when joining an injection moulded part to a twin duct.

Vacuum Form Moulding

Twin sheet (pioneers in light weight, acoustically beneficial Air flow and Water ducting)

Vacuum Form Moulding

Single sheet in Plastic and Foams; Foam water shredders; Filmic water shredders; Plastic under tray protection; ABS space fillers; Vacuum Formed Wheel Protectors

All materials can be supplied with a range of adhesive backings.


AER Stafford Ltd.

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