The History of Avon Group

Avon Group has evolved and grown successfully from company formation in 1979. The Company is still privately owned.

Avon Group began in 1979 on a small hydraulic clicker press, has grown significantly since 2005 and is primed to double in size over the next five years with a mixture of organic (secured) new business, innovation and, no doubt, further acquisitions, continuing to set new standards of World class engineering.



Avon Gasket Manufacturing Company Ltd – Bristol

This is where the Group began in 1979 on a small hydraulic clicker press

Incorporated 1979

In the early years, Avon Group were known as Avon Gasket Manufacturing Company Ltd, which was founded in 1979 by Mr Alan Rushin. With his long experience in the manufacturing industry, he soon ensured the company’s success by bringing his expertise to the production and sales of all types of non-metallic gaskets, seals, joints and washers.


Avon Group manufacturing Ltd – Bristol

Staff: 30
Factory: 12,000 square ft

Company name change from Avon Gasket Manufacturing to Avon Group Manufacturing.

Opening of a trade counter – one of the few of its kind in Bristol.

Manufacturing everything from felt to go under a typewriter to industrial gaskets.


Avon Group manufacturing Ltd – Bristol

Bought by James and Mark Rushin (James Rushin 1975-1997)

Staff: 50
Factory: 25,000 square ft

Hydraulic die cut, water cut (both pure and hydro abrasive), oscillating knife cutting and travelling heads
High-temp insulations as heat barriers in domestic appliances, high pressure air gaskets for compressors, pipeline and bathroom industry seals


Precision Cut Rubber Ltd – Corsham

Bought Christmas 2004 from the United Polymers Group

Lathe cut
Rubber injection
Amalgamated in March 2012


United Polymers – Czech Republic

Became part of the group in January 2005 and was subsequently sold in 2013

Staff: 100
Factory: 30,000 square ft freehold

Car lamp gaskets, rubber car mats, plastic lamp mouldings, lathe cut washers, saw cut foams, die cut shapes, kiss cutting, specialist laminating
Automotive sectors that include VW, Skoda, Kia and Hyundai
Has everything the Group has but under one roof as a full service supplier


P&D Manufacturing Ltd – Corsham

Came under Avon Group in April 2005

Staff: 45
Factory: 19,000 square ft

Tool design, specialist plastic injection moulded metal replacement brackets and cooling, fuel system, and air suspension components assembled with o-rings and seals
Automotive brake systems, fuel systems, bracketry and fuel rails

Converting metals to reinforced plastics, laser welding specialists and consumers of over 300 tones of glass filled nylon per annum


PPI Mouldings Ltd – Calne

Joined Group in July 2007

Staff: 50
Factory: 23,000 square ft freehold on 1.7 acre site

Tool design, specialist low volume technical coloured plastic mouldings with print and specialist features
Military, medical, marine, milking
DC Mouldings was added 2007 as well
Various Dragon’s Den projects migrate to PPI as their USP is a British Tool room with British designers


Avon Engineered Rubber Ltd – Maerdy

Joined Group in July 2007; Aerosols acquired Feb 2008

Staff: 160
Factory: 167,000 square ft

Extruding, phosphate and rubber to metal bonding, specialised rubber moulding, volume aerosol die cutting and lathe cut washers
30% automotive and 70% aerosol
Dynamic laboratories for testing on site

13.2 billion aerosols are sold around the World every year and Avon Group’s Maerdy facility is one of only two companies that make them. The moulding facility in Maerdy is one of the largest in Europe.


Avon Engineered Rubber Inc – Carpentersville, USA

Added to Group in April 2008

Factory: 10,000 square ft production-ready facility based on the outskirts of Chicago
Storage and distribution of over 100 pallets a month
Technical resource and customer support facility for the Group

Moved premises to Cary, Illinois in 2015


AER Stafford Ltd – Cannock

Acquired in February 2009

LVS added February 2010 – portfolio split between Stafford and Maerdy
Staff: 180
Factory: 110,000 square ft freehold

Light gaskets, anti-vibration and squeak foams, wheel and interior trim protectors, vacuum forming
Anything that squeaks, rattles, leaks then AER Stafford have a solution
Pioneers in the UK of lightweight 'Airflow' foam ducting


Avon TSA – Brynmawr

Latest company to join Avon Group in August 2013

Staff: 72
Factory: 45,000 square ft freehold

Textiles shapes for ornaments, trophies and NVH for vehicle cabin, anti-squeak tapes, kiss cut seals, roller die pads with two wet coat lines, plastic injection moulding and assemblies
Automotive and non-automotive mix with medical packaging
Wet coat adhesive capability, unique distributorships and specialist areas of business.


Slatebond LTD – Corsham

Latest new member of the Avon Group in September 2016.

Factory: 16,663 square ft, freehold

Plastic Injection moulding and assembly, Automotive and non-automotive, Twin shot moulding, with a wide variety of materials.
Ultrasonic welding, Second operations machining and a wide range of assemblies.
Capacity from 6 tonne to 150 tonne presses.

Slatebond has been consolidated into the PPI facility and the original unit sold.


Foam Techniques Ltd – Wellingborough

Latest company to join Avon Group in October 2017.

Staff: 65
Factory: 30,000 square ft, freehold

Recognised as a market leader in the conversion and application of foams and allied materials. Foam Techniques produces millions of bespoke foam components using equipment that includes: latest new CNC cutting technology; a dry knife cutting system; an automatic splitting machine; a new vertical beam press; automatic laminating line.


P&D – Corsham

New Investment

Factory: 35,000 Square ft, freehold

Purchase of a second building behind our current unit. This unit will initially be racked out as extra warehousing. It also means that we now have the necessary space to support further expansion over the next few years.