• Aerosols – Gaskets & Seals

    Avon Group are world leaders in manufacturing both stem and cup gaskets for the aerosol industry.

  • We manufacture Gaskets from technically complex manufacturing methods ultimately producing sheet or tubular materials from which Gaskets are cut or pressed.


Avon Group’s Aerosol business is focused on supplying the highest quality Seals and Gaskets to the Aerosol industry across the World.

Extrusion - Aerosol Gasket Production

Our Cup Seals are produced through the most cost competitive process of tube extrusion. Each tube, extruded through our state of the art process, is continually monitored for both ID and OD sizing through our proprietary laser measurement system, with real time display as each tube is being extruded. The Aerosol Stem Gasket tolerances are the most stringent for Rubber products.

Avon Group uses computerized measuring equipment to measure track Cpk and has developed predictive tooling maintenance to ensure we exceed Aerosol Stem Gasket size specifications. Avon Group’s die cutting process combines the latest metallurgy along with tooling technology with our proprietary high speed punching process. This combination yields high precision cut quality with Cpk values unmatched in the Aerosol industry.

13.2 billion Aerosols are sold around the World every year, and Maerdy is one of only two companies that can produce the Seals.

Avon Group’s Gaskets are found in Aerosols and Pumps Worldwide. Pump or Aerosol cans are used to dispense a wide range of products from Perfume to Oven cleaner and Paints. The success of these products and more importantly, the brands that use them, rely on the performance of a very crucial part of the Aerosol or Pump anatomy - the Seal or Gasket.

A simple circular-shaped piece of flexible thermo-set elastomeric material is all that stands between success and failure. With over 30 years experience you can rely on Avon Group to research, design, test and manufacture your Gaskets to the most demanding requirements.

Our ISO Quality Control procedure of audit inspection is accomplished through use of a computerised digital imaging measurement system accurate to within .0001” (.00254mm). Each carton must pass our rigorous inspections for surface finish (record lines), warpage and computerised size measurements before the carton is approved for shipment. Each batch of cup Gaskets is tested for warpage directly after the cutting process assuring the highest quality possible. Gasket warpage or “potato chipping” is known to cause mounting cup assembly equipment downtime and/or Gaskets falling out of the mount cups after assembly.

The proprietary process developed by Avon Group was designed to eliminate the warpage issue.

Avon Group has combined the Rubber mixing, Moulding and Aerosol extrusion into the South Wales plant. This site was built as the largest most modern Rubber processing facility in Europe. The facility utilizes state of the art Rubber mixing lines which are completely computer controlled for ingredient weighing and the mixing, and quality control testing of each batch produced.

Avon Group manufacture in a wide range of Rubber types including Chloroprene, Nitrile, Butyl, Chlorobutyl, EPDM, Fluorocarbon (Viton) and Natural to cover all possible applications. Our laboratories have over 30 years experience in developing industry leading compounds.

Avon Group employ a team of in-house chemists working on compound evolution and new compound designs. The team draw on extensive experience to exploit the characteristics of the raw materials purposely designing compounds with specific performance objectives.

Our extensive capabilities includes laboratory mixing facilities, enabling small quantities of materials to be produced for both moulding and extrusion trials. These materials, once converted to representative samples, are then extensively tested to ensure compatibility with customer requirements and regulatory compliance. Following internal testing and being internally certified, larger scale batches of material are manufactured on production mixing equipment for scaled up trials and further testing being the pre-requisite to production material release. Full scale trials are conducted to manufacture customer samples for further tests and customer approval.