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    Avon Group can supply a range of seals, gaskets, plastic injection mouldings and acoustic solutions

  • Avon Group can supply a range of seals, gaskets, plastic injection mouldings and acoustic solutions for the Electronics, Leisure and Industrial sector.


Avon Group is an established Gasket, Seal and Plastic mould partner with a wide portfolio of clients in the Electronics, Leisure and Industrial sector.

Avon Group’s range of knowledge and expertise, combined with our first class on-site facilities, has driven forward innovative, cost-effective technologies in these sectors.

As suppliers to the Electronics industries for many years, we have developed unrivalled expertise in meeting the needs of our individual customers. Our services go far beyond the simple die-cutting and converting of non-metallic components. We go into the realms of full slug and waste removal of specialised Gaskets and double sided tapes. We are always investigating new and better ways of improving production capability, quality and environmental management by investing in the latest machine technology and in training excellence. Because of this we can offer the most innovative, cost effective and flexible solutions to our customers.

Our in-house development and production facilities offer rapid response, advanced engineering design and fast-track problem solving. Prototype components are produced and tested rigorously on-site before the product is manufactured in our own plant to exacting quality standards. Expertise in the use of low weight, high performance materials ensure Avon Group customers can compete in global markets with the most effective products.

Whether it’s double-sided tape for trim applications, protective film for a delicate area, simple foams for the movement of air, anti-rattle tape for the bezel of the TV or a high performance PU Foam. All materials are available with adhesive backings and can be slit, cut or moulded to suit your applications.

Acoustics, materials lab and environmental chambers

Based at our Wales and Norton Canes facilities, the Acoustic and materials laboratories offer a complete service to support the product development and engineering functions of the Group.

Where possible, all testing or material validation follows the most relevant international standards, guaranteeing the quality and reproducibility of the results. Avon Group laboratories were established in 1997 and are continually reviewed and updated. The staff have a wide range of competencies and experience.

A new ‘vehicle sized’ development area is being developed that will provide the ideal platform for product benchmarking (physical and acoustical), as well as Automotive Acoustic system refinement. Customer participation is welcomed and encouraged at all stages during the development and refinement process.