World class products

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  • Rubber to metal & composite bonding

    Bushes, engine mounts, suspension components.

  • Spare wheel holder

    A robust solution for holding spare wheels firmly in place, avoiding squeaks and rattles.

  • Non-phenolic re-con felts

    This recycled material is a low cost, easy to use product. It can be supplied adhesive coated, with easy release or plain. Due to its structure, this material can be kiss cut to help with assembly.

  • Thinsulate

    A highly technical material used for NVH applications. Parts can be supplied with adhesive coating, sealed edges or in simple plain pieces. Can be used throughout the vehicle.

  • NVH encapsulated foams

    Specially developed cut Foams, encapsulated in a technical filmic bag, supplied with air extracted and sealed. Parts are fitted into the BIW and ‘popped’ to allow Foam to fit into areas with difficult entry.

  • Interior trim

    A wide range of foam cut parts sealing against noise, vibration and airborne dust.

  • Foam ducting

    Lightweight and dramatically improved acoustic benefits, the foam ducting is used in areas such as HVAC.

  • Mirror/door insulation

    Compression formed Polyethylene mouldings giving acoustic and sealing benefits.

  • Glovebox felts

    A range of ultra-thin woven components, used to minimise high frequency noise and rattles, supplied adhesive backed, with quick release technology.

  • Instrument & facia panel components

    Avon Group offers kiss cut instrument panel dial pads and a wide range of 2D anti vibration and sound absorption materials.

  • Fuel clips & connectors

    Main line fuel connectors moulded in Dupont high temperature conductive PPA material. Main line fuel clips in Dupont high temperature nylon.

  • Anti squeak silent tapes

    Durable, abrasion resistant SA backed tapes. Eradicates squeak noise. Can be supplied kiss cut on a reel for easy dispensing.

  • Fuel tank foams

    Specially developed fuel/flame resistant foams, fitted in fuel tanks. Eradicates tank noise.

  • Wheel protection

    To protect alloy wheels against scratches and to protect the brake components from dis-colouring (through rust).

  • Extruded window, door seals & cowel strips

    Produced in rubber, rubber to metal and TPE. All extrusions can be supplied with adhesive and flock coating. Stops water ingress and vibration noise around doors & windows.

  • Reinforced plastics

    Reinforced PA66 & PPA nylon offers huge advantages over steel & aluminium alloys in both weight saving and extreme temperature resistance. Can be used throughout the vehicle.

  • Water shedders

    Vacuum formed components that fit inside the door module, allowing water dispersion through the sills, whilst giving a high level of acoustic damping. Supplied with a robotically applied bead of Butyl sealant.

  • Body protection & interior trim

    A range of twin extruded materials, formed to be used throughout the vehicle as protection when moving around the factory. Proven to have provided major savings in relation to repair costs.

  • Under bonnet NVH

    Moulded acoustical insulation for vehicle under bonnet and engine compartments. High temperature resistance is a key feature of these products.

  • Rubber fully assembled air ducts

    Clean side air ducts. Air to throttle body allowing for dynamic movement of the air filter. Available in NBR, low swell EPDM and Vamacs for high temperature.

  • Tail lamp & head lamp gaskets

    Closed cell foams sealing the lamp to the body of the car. This stops water ingress into the vehicle.

  • EPS

    A key requirement for any vehicle is occupant safety. Avon Group produces a wide array of impact protection components, including inserts for bumpers, doors and headliners.

  • PU Moulding

    Avon Group offers a wide range of PU moulded products for under bonnet, energy absorption, arm rest, console and NVH applications.

  • Vacuum Forming

    The application of heat and pressure allows us to form large 3D components used to provide protection to vehicle doors during transit , installation as well as trays to shield components from damage.

  • Breather Tube

    A rubber tube that allows air to flow one way only, used to reduce air pressure within the engine.

  • EPP Tool kits

    An effective way of storing the wheel jack and other tools. The product is lightweight functional and assists with energy management, in the event of a crash.

  • High temp insulation - exhaust

    Thermal insulation that retains heat within the exhaust system and insulates all products around it.

  • High temp insulation - under bonnet

    A selection of lightweight PU foam and PET Non-woven components, that act as heat insulators and can also be tuned to reduce noise in the cabin.

  • Exterior Bulkhead (engine bay)

    High temperature materials provide acoustic and thermal insulation.

  • Chrome Plating

    A finishing operation which involves applying a chrome finish to all manufactured parts.

  • Leather Wrapping

    A finishing operation which involves leather wrapping finished parts based on the requirements of our customers.

  • Flocking

    The use of flocking in the Automotive Industry varies from Compartment Storage Components (Glove Boxes, Centre Consoles and Armrests) to Anti Vibration Foam. This results in the reduction of engine noise and scratch protection to other objects.

From the production of the smallest Automotive component to the most complex fully assembled units, Avon Group continues to exceed expectations with their consistently high quality products.

Avon Group has played a key role in the car manufacturing industry since 1979, offering the flexibility and service that adds best value to any production facility.

We provide a full service to manufacturers, taking parts from concept to production. We are one of the only companies in the UK with TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accreditations supplying into Automotive NVH Sealing Solutions.

Our Sales and Engineering teams can offer technical expertise and innovative solutions to suit your requirements. Our expert skills are available to our customers through all stages of product design, development and product introduction. Beyond the manufacture of Plastic or Foam parts, we provide additional Fabrication and completion of fully assembled units. Whether it’s Metal, Plastic or Foam/Fabric components, we can offer our customers a complete solution to their requirements.

We offer a rapid quotation service and work to satisfy both functional and cost requirements, as well as the most cost effective, consistently high quality products on an on-going basis. Our Quality department offers a service to suit your needs, from the simplest sample sign-off through to full PPAP submissions. We offer new materials and methods of manufacture as and when they become available.


Avon Group’s development of a new product range for the protection of wheels on new cars.

Through our ongoing relationship with our OEM customers and our developing range of damage prevention products, an issue was highlighted relating to the high costs associated with wheel damage. This was both internal at the OEM plant, but more importantly, wheels were reaching dealerships Worldwide and, in some cases, the end customer before damage was being identified.

Whilst a new wheel would cost a few hundred pounds, the costs were just not purely financial but also affected the reputation and perception of quality of the OEM’s.

Our aim was clear – we needed to help drive damage down

The Wheel Protection needed to be designed in an innovative way that allowed it to be fitted in the factory and remain with the vehicle until it reached the dealer. This meant designing a protector that allowed the vehicle to be driven normally and remain intact, even when being driven into a headwind on the top of a car transporter.

The Protector would not just protect the wheel but also help keep it clean and prevent the ingress of water, which causes unsightly rust to be visible on the brake discs.

The solution needed to be fully recyclable in order to reduce the environmental impact of the vehicle.

We offer a range of materials and fixing solutions, all of which are fully recyclable.

  • Our products are tested in wind tunnels and on test tracks to simulate real conditions.
  • We can, within the design of the components, make them tamperproof.
  • Within the material specification, we can ensure that any impact is identifiable on the Protector, highlighting any potential damage.
  • Our parts can be supplied for solely in plant use, in a robust re-useable material.
  • We can, in most cases, design a "one size fits all" for any specific wheel size.

Perfectly designed to combine lightness, flexibility, strength and improved Acoustic performance, Avon Group’s new advanced Twin Sheet Air ducting (Airflow) is a lighter, more flexible, thermally efficient and Acoustically advanced alternative to standard rigid Plastic ducts.

Airflow: designed for better performance

Airflow has been designed as a better performing alternative to standard rigid Plastic Air ducts. With its flexible ‘easy fit’, built in reinforcement properties, you can now design Airflow into places previously thought impossible. We can also add lamination of other materials to further enhance Acoustic performance.


The requirement to reduce vehicle weight and improve Acoustic performance whilst eliminating odour, has been at the forefront of Avon Group’s long term investment in their R&D division. Airflow is the result of this investment and is a product that not only meets the expectations of our customers but exceeds them.

Avon Group’s distinguished know how and in-depth customer support regarding optimal material choice and process parameters, in combination with the company’s perfectly suited Foam products portfolio, have made Avon Group the preferred partner for car manufacturers as a manufacturer of serial Twinsheet Air ducts.

With many years of experience working with automotive engineers, we are aware of the inherent limits of standard rigid Plastic Air ducting systems.

Avon Group’s reusable PE Foam protection has found a niche in car manufacture, protecting a vehicle’s exterior and interior throughout its build or shipping.

If a vehicle needs protecting during manufacture or shipping, Avon Group can provide a solution. Our bespoke, Vacuum Formed car protection range consists of PE Foam laminated to a rigid polyolefin sheet. The parts are Vacuum Formed and then trimmed to size. This provides a soft foam inner that is in contact with the vehicle and a rigid outer skin that completely protects that area of the vehicle, be it an internal or external area.

The parts fit precisely onto the vehicle and are held in place using a variety of techniques. These parts are reusable.

Advantages of Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is a very adaptable technology, allowing both flexible and rigid mouldings in a number of materials. Vacuum Forming in many applications offers a significantly lower cost alternative to injection moulded and pressed components. This results from lower tooling costs, especially during the development phase of any project where components are likely to require engineering modifications.

  • Lower equipment costs (in comparison to Injection moulding)
  • Shorter possible lead-times from concept through to production
  • Lower tooling costs compared to many other Plastic manufacturing techniques
  • Families of parts can be accommodated cost effectively on one tool
  • Less costly design changes, due to lower tooling modification costs
  • The ability to manufacture parts with thinner wall sections
  • The ability to manufacture flexible foam components easily
  • The component profile can be easily modified to accommodate several trim variations

Overall Vacuum Forming offers a flexibility and diversity of component options, which is further reinforced by low tool costs and allows ongoing engineering modifications.

Avon Group works closely with its customers to ensure that the compounds used in the manufacture of our Rubber sub-components are designed to meet the exact requirements of the application, as well as the working environments in which the component is to be used.

Avon Group’s growth and expansion since 1979 has only been possible because we have offered a first class service and engineered solutions that meet and often exceed our customers’ needs.

We provide World class solutions not only for all Sealing, Gap Filling and Gasketing applications, but also the management of Airflow, Heat and Filtration. We also provide materials and article-specific components for NVH and structural applications.

Our extensive facilities offer both full service and make-to-print solutions and our material and specialist engineering teams provide customer support through the design and development phases of the product.

Avon Group is a specialist Rubber component manufacturer and offers customers the fullest support throughout the design, development and test elements of their product development programmes.

These include:

  • Aerosol gaskets and seals
  • Compound design development and testing
  • Product design development and testing
  • Rubber bonding, to both metal and engineered plastics
  • Rubber over moulding
  • Rubber extrusion and Lathe cutting
  • Specialist technical Rubber moulding
  • Sub assembly

Avon Group can offer full service support which, when integrated with our project management process, ensures controlled development programmes and new product introduction.

Design capability and expertise

We are able to undertake bespoke product development, offer consultancy services, build-to-print or undertake full black box design. We employ all appropriate software systems including solid works, CATIA drawing systems, FILLCALC mould/tool design and use ABAQUS finite element analysis programmes.

Our capability ensures accurate modelling, prototyping and pre-production components manufactured from production materials.

The design extends to modelled or production-representative prototyping of components, depending on your needs. Our in-house compounding capabilities, combined with comprehensive test facilities, provide a focused service in both product design and development.

Testing and product evaluation

Within our facility and, where appropriate with external test houses, we can offer the fullest service, including:

  • Environmental testing -50 ̊C to +150 ̊C, Ozone and salt spray
  • Dynamic testing to 100kN-1000Hz
  • Rheometer, chemical and metallurgical analysis
  • Static, dynamic and multi-axis fatigue testing
  • Static testing to 500kN
  • Wet laboratory analysis
  • 3-dimensional component measurement

Avon Group is committed to achieving the highest standard of manufacturing and service through continual investment in machinery, staff and customer partnerships. We are a customer focused organisation which is prepared to adapt and develop to meet our customer needs and the demands of industry.

We endeavour to supply the best quality components with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Our goal is to meet the challenge of short lead-time new product introduction, work towards shorter production lead times, reduced inventories and achieve on-time delivery targets whilst still achieving very competitive prices.

Avon Group has specialist Rubber bonding processing facilities that accommodate both Rubber to Metal and Rubber to Composite bonding. This includes both ferrous and non-ferrous Metals, Nylon and other resin based Plastic materials.

Complete processes

We have extensive capabilities in Rubber to Metal and Rubber to Composite bonding. Our facility includes full Metal plated(ferrous and non ferrous), Composites, Preparation and Finishing processes. Specialist material handling ensures we avoid contamination after cleaning and processing. These facilities include:

  • Aqua washing – automated application of bonding agents
  • Computerised phosphating
  • Plasma degreasing
  • Shot blasting

Bespoke applications

We process and combine a wide range of Metals and Composites with Rubber for typical applications that include:

  • Body mounts
  • Bushes (single & double bonded)
  • Engine mountings
  • Hydraulic piston seals
  • Suspension components

Rubber over-moulding

Our capability includes technology which allows over-moulding of Rubber, Plastic and Metal sub components (in specific applications, this is a lower cost alternative to fully bonded products).

Combination Rubber moulding (2K)

Avon Group has developed specialist 2K technology allowing combinations of Rubber to be moulded into a single component typically combining hard and softer material types for exacting sealing environments.

Reinforced PA66 and Reinforced PPA high temperature Nylon can offer huge advantages over traditional Steel and Aluminium alloys when it comes to Automotive suspension and under-bonnet applications.

Extreme temperature resistance and stability up to 230°C is possible, combined with unrivalled resistance to chemicals and harsh environments. There is also the added advantage of not having to coat the part with a multi-stage painted protection system, as is the case with a metal part.

Engineering Thermoplastics are capable of being Injection moulded into far more complex shapes and geometry than Forged, Fabricated or Die cast parts.

Tooling, while initially expensive, will last for many more years than cast Aluminium tooling or Forging dies.

Weight saving is also a huge factor when considering reinforced Engineering Thermoplastic. Steel has an SG of around 7, making a litre of it seven times heavier than a litre of water (Aluminium alloys are typically around 3.2 SG). An extremely high spec, glassed-filled PPA resin has an SG of just 1.41. The weight savings are often enormous.

Modern techniques can also be applied to weld moulded components together via Ultrasonic, Spin, Friction or Laser welding. The resultant weld is often a fully cohesive bond which is as strong as the original material.

Moulded components are also commonly designed to accept Metal compression limiters and Heat Staked threaded inserts. This allows the components to be bolted into place, or to have other components bolted to it with torque uploads of up to 20 NM.

Avon Group has forged strong business partnerships with both Dupont and EMS Chemie, resulting in significant usage of reinforced Engineering Thermoplastic. This allows us access to a complete support network from these suppliers who regularly assist us with design and development. Our combined knowledge, gained over many years supply in this field, means that we can always provide a highly competitive solution where cost and weight saving over Metal is being considered.

Our TSA plant harnesses everything we know about noise reduction from innovating through prototype to production, utilising all materials from PU to Rubber, Plastics, Foam and Fibre.

Suppliers for many years to the Automotive and Electronics industry, we have built up unrivalled expertise and are able to offer innovative, cost effective solutions to the most exacting requirements.

The complete range of materials for all applications throughout the vehicle – under bonnet, IP and interior trim. From simple anti-rattle tape to seals, gaskets & NVH materials.

We provide a full service to manufacturers, taking parts from concept to production. We are one of the only companies in the UK with TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accreditations supplying into Automotive NVH Sealing Solutions.

Bespoke Acoustic solutions

Our knowledge and experience, together with our comprehensive Acoustic testing facilities and laboratories, ensures a complementary resource, which our customers find invaluable when problem solving is critical. Our in-house development and production facilities offer rapid response, advanced engineering design and fast-track problem solving. Prototype components are produced and tested rigorously on-site before the product is manufactured in our own plant to exacting quality standards. Expertise in the use of low weight, high performance materials ensure Avon Group customers can compete in global markets with the most effective products.

The following list is a small example of the variety of materials and components we currently provide for the Automotive industry related to Acoustics;

  • Adhesive backed felts for anti-rattle applications within dashboard and door panels
  • Cut felt and foam parts for sealing areas in heating systems
  • Insulation and sound proofing materials for boot, tailgate and under bonnet
  • Sealing strips for light clusters
  • Anti-squeak panels placed between different surfaces