• Material Processing

    Our CAD and advanced software maximises material utilisation and minimises waste

  • Our attention to detail and the responsibility we take are just some of the many factors which sets us apart from our competition.


Avon Group’s portfolio comes as a direct result of our experience within our Fabrication department. We can supply any material, in any size and thickness, packed and ready for retail.

Many materials are currently supplied to National Builders’ Merchants and On-line catalogue companies. These include our traditional materials such as non-asbestos sheeting, rubber sheeting and mouldings, high temperature insulation (boards, paper and blankets), sealing tapes and strips. We also supply the newest material ranges which include Nomex, Formex, Mica and Mylar films (which have excellent insulation properties).


Wherever possible, we try to source British manufactured materials. All our tools are manufactured in this country. We go direct to the manufacturer for our materials to ensure our prices are the lowest possible. This establishes a reliable source of raw material, ensuring we always have a readily available supply.

Did you know:

  • Avon Group cut over 10,000 shapes
  • Avon Group hold at least 100 different materials on site
  • Avon Group stock 40 thicknesses of material
  • Avon Group materials are available in 14 different colours

Our New Materials Specifier folder, and "Carpet Brochure" contains examples of the materials we offer.

Components formed to your exact specification featuring, for example, precision die-cutting of high performance materials, multi-material lamination, partial adhesive backing, surface coating and skeleton waste removal - all formatted for manual or automated assembly.

Our Processing Capabilities include:Avon Group brochures


Materials Specifier