We provide a full service to manufacturers taking parts from concept to production. We are one of the only companies in the UK with TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accreditations supplying Automotive NVH Sealing Solutions.

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Aerosols - Gaskets & Seals

Avon Group are World leaders in manufacturing both Stem and Cup Gaskets for the Aerosol industry. Our Maerdy facility works to exacting quality requirements with ISO 9000, ISO 14001, TS 16949.

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The requirement to reduce vehicle weight and improve Acoustic performance whilst eliminating odour, has been at the forefront of Avon Group’s long term investment in their R&D division.

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Material Processing

Our Computer Aided Design and advanced software maximises material utilisation and minimises waste.

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Avon Group currently supply a range of Seals, Gaskets, Plastic Injection mouldings and Acoustic solutions to improve performance across the appliance sector.

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Case Study one

Fuel Filter – Mesh Assembly

History: One of our Worldwide supplier to the Aerospace and Automotive industry. They manufacture compressed air treatment units, breathing air systems, water chillers and gas generator systems.

Brief: One of the main products they produce at their facility, is aluminium fuel rod casings. Avon Group were asked to help with the design and development of a polyester protective mesh cover to wrap over aluminium tubes for anti-rattle protection. Avon Group were benchmarked against other suppliers and with the benefit of being local, and having past experience working with contacts within our client’s group, were successful in winning the project.

Technological Uncertainties: How to assemble the product. Will the product fit the tube?

The product is made up of six identical pieces of polyester mesh. Due to the end use being within the aerospace sector, two methods of fixing were required.

1. Assembly Methods: Three methods of fixing the components together were identified early on . These included welding, stitching and adhesive. We discarded stitching after exploring thread types and strengths, whilst adhesive adherence proved to be a real challenge with consistency and adherence. We therefore pursued ultra-sonic welding which gave us security for repeatability, ease of use and process speeds. Numerous trials were conducted over several weeks to fully understand weld pressures to ensure the integrity of material was not harmed during our processing.

2. Product Fit: Although the customer provided a basic drawing for the finished component, we discovered that part of the assembly was too large for the aluminium tube. When we reduced the size, the component was too hard for assembly. To overcome this problem, we changed the shape of the six items to include a slight angle that would overcome the assembly issue, but would still give a good fit to the aluminium tube. This required a number of different cutting tools to be produced and visits to the customer to allow them to carry out practical assembly trials.

Resource: With the design featuring an open mesh, we had to invest in a solution to ultra-sonically weld each individual edge together to form an excellent seal. We also took an additional counter-measure by stitching below the weld line to give the extra strength required for the nature of the component. This was well received by our customer.


We identified three methods of fixing the components together.

Case Study two

Open Gasket

Gasket design in an enclosure is as critical in forming a good seal as the gasket material itself. The design of the gasket will have a direct impact on functionality and performance.

Avon Group have developed, over the last year, a die-cut gasket which eliminates corner seals, reducing waste and cost for our customers. The innovative ‘fold-out’ gasket allows the die-cut to be expanded to its final form (illustrated above) without compromising corner sealing, minimising potential wear and leakage.

Avon Group continues to push the boundaries of design and innovation. We can help reduce the cost of base materials by supplying precisely the product size or shape you require and eliminating wastage. We maintain our quality standards and product performance, reducing rejection rates and simplifying volume production and assembly systems.


Avon Group is committed to achieving the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Case Study three

Filter repellent gasket

A challenging brief from a major Japanese OEM.

We were asked to laminate a 5mm Neoprene sponge to a liquid repellent scrim, without all the materials creasing.

The main problem to overcome was how to keep the laminating adhesive away from the centre to allow sound to pass. Working as a team with our material suppliers and a machine manufacturer, we developed a way to laminate two adhesives, a Neoprene Sponge and Scrim, cut them to shape, whilst leaving no adhesive in the centre and giving the customer sprocket holes to help with general alignment. We are very proud of the fact we achieved this at our specialist facility using an in-line process, with no creases and a production time of ten hours for 500,000 components.


We achieved this with no creases and a production time of ten hours for 500,000 components.