Acoustic & Thermal Insulation Materials

At Avon Group we pride ourselves on our ability to continually exceed our customers’ expectations, in the fields of Acoustic and Thermal insulation management. Our dedicated Research and Development team, who between them have many years’ experience, work tirelessly searching the globe for the best available materials, enabling us to be at the leading edge of material innovation and creation.

Almost every industry is looking to reduce noise and improve its Thermal performance. Be it Automotive, White goods, Yellow goods or Industrial sectors, Avon Group can help.

Through strategic partnering we are able to work with our key suppliers to jointly develop unique materials for specific applications. Key areas for our product development are based around “lightweighting” (the need to reduce weight) and the demand for higher temperature performance, especially around the engine compartment in the Automotive market.

From polyester, polypropylene and blended waddings to high performance laminates and engineered composites which can use technical Acoustic scrims, films and high temperature foils – we are able to create products to suit most Acoustic and Thermal applications across a wide range of market segments.

These wadding materials are available in a wide range of weights, thicknesses and densities. We can also alter the binder fibre content to alter the stiffness of the material to suit. Whilst white is the most common colour for these materials, we are able to offer darker colours if needed.

We have available a range of scrims and cover fleeces which can alter the aesthetic of the material as well as changing the performance characteristics. The scrims can be oil and water resistant if required.

We have also developed a family of cost effective polyurethane Foams to function in many application areas. These “light Foam” materials not only offer excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation performance compared to other materials, but are also lightweight and recyclable. In Automotive applications, such as bonnet liners and under-engine shields, our light Foams are ideal as they reduce the stresses on hinges and other fixings.

Our ability to combine materials in a variety of ways, give us the capability to “fine tune” products to solve specific Acoustic or Thermal issues. Whether you need a barrier, absorber, dampener or any combination of these, we can accommodate your requirements.

This ever expanding range of materials, composites and laminates is constantly evolving and improving, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry.

  • Lightweight
  • Conformable and Compressible
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic (water and oil resistant)
  • Highly efficient Acoustic absorption (performance versus weight)
  • Excellent Thermal insulating properties
  • Allows for a variety of assembly and fixing methods

We have, at our disposal, a number of different processing methods to deliver the desired components to our customer. These include Heat sealing (Edge sealing), Thermoforming, Vacuum forming, Moulding, 3D profiling and simple Die-cutting. Our engineers are always looking at innovative ways of creating complex parts in a more cost effective manner.

We are currently investing heavily in our own testing facility which supports the on-going strategy of materials and process development which keeps us ahead of our competitors.