Aerosols – Gaskets & Seals

Avon Group are World leaders in manufacturing both Stem and Cup Gaskets for the Aerosol industry.

We have extensive design, development and testing facilities. We are constantly evolving and designing new compounds to meet ever changing compliance and Aerosol end user requirements.

A team of specialist application engineers work with both our customers and end users, recommending existing compounds or developing article specific materials to meet the exact application requirements.

Avon Group specifically select polymer types and grades to meet the precise requirements of the Gaskets and Seals. These activities allow us to evolve existing or design new compounds which can be tailored to suit application or cost requirements.

We manufacture Gaskets from technically complex manufacturing methods ultimately producing sheet or tubular materials from which Gaskets are cut or pressed.

Our Maerdy facility in South Wales, works to exacting quality requirements with ISO 9000, ISO 14001, TS 16949 and Kaizen techniques being routinely employed throughout the business to control waste, quality and costs.

Avon Group are evolving materials to meet ever tightening legislation to reduce and eliminate the use of plasticisers, reducing emissions and generating industry leading characteristics in many of our new generation compounds.

Design, Development and Testing

Avon Group manufacture in a wide range of Rubber types including Chloroprene, Nitrile, Butyl, Chlorobutyl, EPDM, Fluorocarbon (Viton) and Natural to cover all possible applications. Our laboratories have over 30 years experience in developing industry leading compounds.

Avon Group employ a team of in house chemists working on compound evolution and new compound designs. The team draw on extensive experience to exploit the characteristics of the raw materials purposely designing compounds with specific performance objectives.

Our extensive capabilities includes laboratory mixing facilities, enabling small quantities of materials to be produced for both moulding and extrusion trials. These materials, once converted to representative samples, are then extensively tested to ensure compatibility with customer requirements and regulatory compliance. Following internal testing and being internally certified, larger scale batches of material are manufactured on production mixing equipment for scaled up trials and further testing being the pre-requisite to production material release. Full scale trials are conducted to manufacture customer samples for further tests and customer approval.

All Avon Group Gaskets are quality inspected for cut, size and finish. Once approved the Gaskets are then transferred to the packaging station or, if required by our customers, onto additional treatments such as siliconisation.

Aerosol Seals

Reliability and excellence are guaranteed. Avon Group’s Gaskets are found in Aerosols and Pumps Worldwide. Pump or Aerosol cans are used to dispense a wide range of products from Perfume to Oven cleaner and Paints. The success of these products and, more importantly, the brands that use them rely on the performance of a very crucial part of the Aerosol or Pump anatomy i.e. the Seal or Gasket.

A simple circular-shaped piece of flexible thermo-set elastomeric material is all that stands between success and failure. With over 30 years’ experience, you can rely on Avon Group to research, design, test and manufacture your Gaskets to the most demanding requirements.

During the punching process the Gaskets are stripped directly into the shipping carton plastic bags to assure traceability of the batch number and prevent mixing of stray Gaskets. With the high volume of Gasket production, each plastic bag or carton of Gaskets is Quality Control inspected for cut, quality, size, and finish. Once the bags/cartons have been approved the Gaskets are then transferred either to the packaging stage or, as required by customers, go to an additional process in the form of talc or silicone.

Avon Group has developed a high speed punching system that manufactures Gaskets without punching hairs and the typical Gasket O.D. concavity caused by most punching processes. The punching tools are made from a complex hybrid specialized Tool steel which enables punching at very high speeds, effectively and efficiently.

The high speed punching process is designed to punch high quality precision cut Stem Gaskets at rates ranging from 17,000 to 22,000 per minute. The high volume capability is paramount in maintaining our competitive structure in the market place. The proprietary Tooling technology developed by Avon Group is the foundation that allows for the high volume production while maintaining Cpk values unmatched by our competition.

We still use presses which allow Gaskets to be manufactured up to 1400mm wide if the Tooling is available and automatic presses which allow high volume ‘on the roll’ parts.

High speed Punching process

Our Maerdy Rubber mixing plant is a full service site. We have complete laboratory mixing, curing, and testing capability ready to assist in any developmental of compound modification work necessary for the Aerosol industry. Having this laboratory mixing kit site can dramatically reduce developmental lead times by nearly half of previous lead times.

Quality Control tests each batch cured for chemical and physical properties and each batch is inspected and approved before moving to the cutting stations. After each batch of Rubber is extruded into tubes the batch is taken to the next process of curing. These tubes are Autoclave cured giving each tube a fast and accurate cure. After curing, the tubes are retested again for correct size and Quality Control approved before moving to the next process which is cutting.