Air Ducting Solutions

Perfectly designed to combine lightness, flexibility, strength and improved Acoustic performance, Avon Group’s new advanced Twin Sheet Air ducting (Airflow) is a lighter, more flexible, thermally efficient and Acoustically advanced alternative to standard rigid Plastic ducts.

Airflow: designed for better performance

Airflow has been designed as a better performing alternative to standard rigid Plastic Air ducts. With its flexible ‘easy fit’, built in reinforcement properties, you can now design Airflow into places previously thought impossible. We can also add lamination of other materials to further enhance Acoustic performance.


The requirement to reduce vehicle weight and improve Acoustic performance whilst eliminating odour, has been at the forefront of Avon Group’s long term investment in their R&D division. Airflow is the result of this investment and is a product that not only meets the expectations of our customers but exceeds them.

Avon Group’s distinguished know how and in-depth customer support regarding optimal material choice and process parameters, in combination with the company’s perfectly suited Foam products portfolio, have made Avon Group the preferred partner for car manufacturers as a manufacturer of serial Twinsheet Air ducts.

Fluid Technology

The same technology is being adapted for similar applications with the movement of fluids, through the vehicle.

Foam ducting gives us lower weight products, which equates directly to lower weight vehicles, which results in lower emissions. This will avoid the potential for increased costs, with regards to the new Environmental Laws in 2020.

“Airflow allows Engineers to design without having to contend with the challenges around locating and fitting. With its ultra flexible properties, Airflow can be squeezed into the tightest of spaces …and still perform better!”

With many years of experience working with Automotive engineers, we are aware of the inherent limits of standard rigid Plastic Air ducting systems.

After several years of development, we have perfected the process of producing thermoformed Foams that are now available for a diverse range of ducting applications.

  • It is highly flexible
  • Is easy to assemble
  • Offers fast prototyping
  • Is perfect for tight spaces
  • Has up to 65% weight reduction
  • Is non-rigid
  • Requires no additional sound deadening pads
  • Has interface fixings and dampers built in
  • Is thermally advanced
  • Provides efficient use of aircon
  • Provides efficient ducting of engine heat
  • Is odourless, no smell or fogging
  • Provides a significant dB sound reduction
  • Prevents squeaks or rattles
  • Has better (built in) sealing qualities
  • Needs fewer joins

Better Acoustic performance

In tests, Airflow has proven to produce less airflow noise. Its ‘easy to fit’ qualities make it a highly attractive alternative to standard rigid Plastic ducts.

  • Provides a significant dB reduction in airflow noise
  • Flexible and easy to fit
  • No need for added noise dampers
  • No squeaks or rattles

Thermally advanced

The advanced thermal performance features of Airflow over standard rigid Plastic ducts means that there is more efficient use of the Air conditioning system and a reduction in heat in the engine bay when blowing hot air, all contributing to lower emissions and increased vehicle performance.

  • Thermally advanced
  • Efficient use of air conditioning
  • Efficient ducting of engine heat
  • Weight reduction

When it comes to vehicle design we know that every gram counts. With its combined fixings and no need for spacers or dampening, Airflow can contribute up to 70% weight reduction over standard rigid Plastic ducts.

  • High flexibility
  • Up to 65% lighter than rigid Plastic ducts
  • Easy fixing (fixings & dampers built in)

Further advances include higher temperature materials. These include our modified PP Foam ducting, that is being used in brake duct applications and our PA Foam which meets demanding engine bay temperatures of up to 190°c.


The unique material composition of Twin Sheet Foam means there is less condensation build-up within the Air ducts, a common problem with rigid Plastic ducts.

  • No condensation
  • No bacteria build-up
  • No smell
  • No fogging