Design & Testing

As your design and development partner, Avon Group can offer full service support which when integrated with our project management process, ensures controlled development programmes and new product introduction.

Design Capability and Expertise

Our design capability enables us to take an idea and translate this into an image of how a finished part may look. We can 3D print these complex ideas or alternatively continue with our design service, which may include discussing tooling in the case of mouldings & extrusions. Where 2D shapes are required, often we can Die cut, Oscillating knife cut or Water cut these in an array of materials, which suits your application.

Tool design is a real unique selling point of Avon Group and allows us to not only build tools locally with skilled engineers, but also project manage from the far east and/or correct/modify anything that’s required. Naturally our Tool room supports our manufacturing foot prints for Plastics, Rubber and Foam.

Avon Group has invested heavily in our suite of the latest 2D draughting and 3D mechanical design CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and our Engineering Design consultants are focused on providing a service to deliver innovative design solutions to your engineering problem validating the fit, form and function of a design at every step.

We can test materials for durability in the extremes of temperature, apply coatings that may include adhesives and/or foils and then strength test, or in some instances destructive test, to ensure selection is suitable.

Acoustic testing is a new area of expertise and is built in its own dedicated room. Our dedicated Engineers have years of experience to call upon and resources within the testing facility include an impedance tube and alpha cabin measuring the transmission loss and sound absorption capabilities of various materials. These tests serve us on a daily basis to ensure our market offering is unique and meets the demands of our valued customers.

We also have a laboratory and a team of highly skilled chemists that not only develop products but, just as importantly, ensure compliance. Avon Group are at the forefront of manufacturing, developing their latest Air ducts which are then tested for continuous development through air flow and air pressure testing.

Our testing facilities also include a climatic chamber which allows our skilled engineers to carry out environmental testing up to 300°C. All of Avon Group’s testing, including environmental tests, are in accordance with ASTM, ISO, BS, EN, DIN and many more standards used across industries.

Testing and Product Evaluation

Within our facility and, where appropriate, with external test houses, we can offer the fullest service, including:

  • Environmental testing -50°C + 150°C. Ozone and salt spray
  • Rheometer, chemical and metallurgical analysis
  • Static, dynamic and multi-axis fatigue testing
  • Static testing up to 500kN
  • Dynamic testing to 100kN – 1000Hz
  • Wet laboratory analysis
  • 3D component measurement
  • Sound & vibration testing for Sound Absorption and Transmission Loss
  • Acoustic Impedance / admittance testing
  • Sound and Vibration testing up to 10kHz

A ‘vehicle sized’ development area is being created that will provide the ideal platform for product benchmarking (Physical and Acoustical), as well as automotive acoustic system refinement. Customer participation is welcomed and encouraged at all stages during the development and refinement process.