Extrusion & Lathe Cut Washers

With over 30 years’ experience, Avon Group can produce Extrusion and Lathe cut Washers to our customers’ most demanding requirements in a wide variety of polymers.

Controlled Extrusion

Our Extrusion processes use our own designed and developed Rubber compounds, ensuring maximum consistency and accuracy in all our products manufactured from this process.

Our tube Extrusion process is controlled to such an extent that we can hold extremely tight tolerances on both ID and wall thickness. Our curing and vulcanising process utilises either in-line cure or mandrel Autoclave technologies. This gives Avon Group the highest capability in controlling ID dimensions.

Alternatively, we can manufacture tubes from Rubber Injection moulding processes using article-specific Injection mould Tooling.

The accurately toleranced tubes are then cut to exacting standards on advanced CNC cutting machines to the required Gasket thickness.

Features of our process include

  • Achieving tight tolerance products
  • Cost effective alternative to ‘O’ ring or Die cut Sealing Washers
  • Flexibility to adopt design changes
  • High material yields
  • Tube sizes from 10mm to 300mm OD and wall section from 0.5mm
  • Washers with virtually unlimited ID, OD and cut thickness combinations
  • Wide variety of polymers, eg.
    • Butyl (BIIR) & (CIIR)
    • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
    • Floro Elastomers (FKM)
    • Natural Rubber (NR),
    • Nitrile (NBR)
    • Polychloroprene (CR)
    • Silicone (VMQ) Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Quality control

Cup/Outer Gaskets (Lathe cut)

Our Cup Gaskets are manufactured from either in-house manufactured extruded or Injection moulded tubes. Both processes provide the highest levels of accuracy in respect of material dispersion and internal and external dimensions. All processes are NC controlled and provide real time manufacturing and quality data.

All Avon Group Gaskets are quality inspected for cut, size and finish.

Close attention to physical quality and numeric data ensures that Avon Group manufactured Aerosol Gaskets meet exacting customer requirements at market leading price levels.

Gasket warpage and associated issues, including chipping, are known to cause Mounting Cup assembly equipment downtime and/or Gaskets falling out of the Mount Cups after assembly. Avon Group engineer Gaskets to eliminate these issues.

Once approved, Gaskets are then transferred to the packaging station or, if required by our customers, onto additional treatments such as siliconisation.