Non-Woven Products for High Temp Insulation

We can provide a range of pure Non-Woven products and Non-Woven products with an Acoustic scrim.

These perform in a similar way to the PU/Non-Woven products. Within this product range we can provide a number of densities, thicknesses and fibre sizes. This enables us to fine tune a product and to meet your exact requirements, in terms of Acoustic performance and cost.

Due to their open fibre structure, Non-Wovens meet demanding Acoustic requirements, even at low base weights. Sound can be perfectly absorbed as a result of these open fibres.

These are perfectly suited to areas requiring continued high performance at high temperatures, such as the engine bay, in addition to standard passenger compartment conditions.

Our Non-Woven products are in use with a number of European OEM car manufacturers.

Typical data for an inner Acoustic pad is shown below. This shows the standard required and Non-Woven product, at 15mm and 17mm thicknesses.


Most materials supplied by Avon Group comply with the FMVSS302 standard.
Some of these products are used to keep the heat out of the passenger compartment but can also be used on Electric vehicles to keep the heat in.


  • Reduced fuel consumption, leading to reduced emissions
  • Acoustically highly effective, leading to improved passenger comfort
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Can be supplied either Die-cut or Thermoformed
  • Cost effective solutions

Sound Absorption Coefficient (%)

The use of high performance Acoustic scrims dramatically improves the performance of our materials. We can reduce the base weight of the material and still achieve the Acoustic performance required by using such scrims. We are continually working with our supplier to improve the scrim technologies to further reduce weight and yet increase Acoustic performance.