NVH Solutions

Avon Group has played a key role in the Car Manufacturing industry since 1979, offering the flexibility and service that adds best value to any production facility.

We provide a full service to manufacturers, taking parts from concept to production. We are one of the only companies in the UK with TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accreditations supplying Automotive NVH Sealing solutions, including NVH & Foam Air ducts, Gaskets, Seals, Body protection, Mouldings & Vacuum forming.


We hold one of the following quality accreditations: JLRQ, TS 16949, BSEN ISO 9002, BSEN ISO 14001. This makes Avon Group one of the only UK based suppliers, in their sector, to meet these exacting standards.

Compression moulding

Low investment, short lead-times and light weight are signatures of polyethylene compression mouldings. Avon Group produces numerous forms used in NVH, Thermal management and Trim applications.

NVH encapsulated Foam solutions

This is a highly cost effective and innovative solution to body-in-white NVH issues. It was developed by Avon Group and is supplied to numerous OEMs. Cut blocks of urethane Foam are placed in a uniquely designed bag and vacuum drawn, then the product is Heat sealed. This makes for an operator-friendly product that is easy to position and deploy.


We offer effective, bespoke solutions in Rubber, Rubber to Metal, TPE & Twin material extruded profiles, Vehicle door Seals & Edge protectors. All profiles come with the added advantage of self-adhesive backing and flock coating where required. Utilising our own Die makers, we can offer speedy and economic Tooling to meet the demands of our customers.

Vacuum Forming

Avon Group have the facilities and know-how to deliver high-quality Vacuum-Formed weather Sealing solutions. Prototyping can be performed rapidly and economically through our Tooling partners and in-house skills.

Our Sales and Engineering teams can offer technical expertise and innovative solutions to suit your requirements. Our expert skills are available to our customers through all stages of product design, development and product introduction. Beyond the manufacture of Plastic or Foam parts, we provide additional fabrication and completion of fully assembled units. Whether it’s Metal, Plastic or Foam/Fabric components, we can offer our customers a complete solution to their requirements.

Best value

We offer a rapid quotation service and work to satisfy both functional and cost requirements, as well as the most cost effective, consistently high quality products on an on-going basis. Our Quality department offers a service to suit your needs, from the simplest sample sign-off, through to full PPAP submissions. We offer new materials and methods of manufacture, as and when they become available.


Our client portfolio includes major global Automotive manufacturers and companies involved in the manufacture of Lighting, Electronics, Packaging, Agricultural equipment, Vehicles, Medical, Leisure and Sports goods.

PE Foam

Avon Group produces PE Foam Air ducts using a forming process that creates a highly flexible and lightweight alternative to rigid ducting. Our engineering capabilities allow us to thermoform the PE Foam into Air ducts for diverse application areas within a vehicle. All types of complex shapes and structures can be achieved.

We also provide Design and Testing options to help your product development process. Where PE Foam needs additional properties, it is possible to add reinforcement, strengthening and Acoustic enhancements to aid fixing.

Advantages of PE include:

  • Weight reduction of up to 65%
  • Enhanced Thermal Insulation ensuring a reduction in energy loss
  • Elimination of condensation to reduce bacteria build up
  • Reduction in Acoustic noise to reduce squeak and rattle
  • Elimination of odour to ensure no smell or fogging
  • Greater flexibility with good restoring behaviour
  • Simplicity in handling & assembly

Polyethylene Foam compression moulded insulators

Thermo-forming is a manufacturing process for Thermoplastic parts. A precise combination of temperature and pressure, make the material adapt to the shape of a mould and obtain the required part. With the thermo- formation process we can produce very diverse parts, including those with variations of thickness, blind and through holes, adhesive zones, Plastic dressings or overlays and special surface finishes.

The parts can have the surface stamped with the logos or references of our clients. Thermo-conformed parts are excellent Sealing Gaskets, preventing water, air and damp from entering. The parts also give added Acoustic insulation in areas such as rear view & door mirrors, total door insulation, speaker surrounds and under bonnet applications.

NVH & Vibration damping materials.

Avon Group manufactures a wide range of noise insulation and vibration damping materials for the Automotive, Public transport, Vehicle and Construction industries.

The noise insulation range includes monolayer and multi-laminate Composites, which are available in sheet, roll or cut shape forms. The Vibration damping materials are designed to give substantial noise reduction where structure-borne vibration is a problem. The materials are environmentally safe and completely non-toxic.

Fleece Type Product

What is Fleece?

The material is a high performance compressible Acoustic insulation. It fits a wide range of applications where varying thickness is desired, such as door trim panels and body side trim panels. Our Fleece materials, although designed for the Automotive industry, can be used for NVH applications throughout industry where the suppression of noise is important.

The material is designed to be welded into place but can be supplied with adhesive backing if you prefer. If keeping the material free from contamination such as dust or dirt is important, we can supply your components with sealed edges. This also has the benefit of containing the fibres of the material.

There are special versions of the material that can withstand high temperature, such as engine bay applications. We can also laminate other materials to the Fleece such as Aluminium foil for added performance.

The fleece range has the following unique characteristics

  • Light weight and conformable
  • Symmetrical performance
  • Highly compressible to entirely fill cavities
  • Hydrophobic
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Ease of assembly
  • Weight range from 150gsm to 600gsm
  • White/white, white/black and black/black material face colours


A highly technical material used for NVH applications. Parts can be supplied with adhesive backing, sealed or un-sealed edges.

Non-Phenolic Felt

This recycled material is a low cost, easy to use product. It can be supplied with adhesive backing. Due to its structure, this material can be Kiss cut to help assembly.

High Temperature Fleece

We are able to offer grades of Fleece that are suitable for more demanding applications, such as under bonnet. These materials offer high temperature resistance as well as oil and chemical.