Polyethylene Compression Moulding

Compression Moulding options for your specific applications include our range of Crosslinked Polyethylenes.

Material Properties

A closed-cell structure with high mechanical and fire resistance, low sensitivity to solvents and detergents and slow oxidation speed. Polyethylene also has a good resistance to temperature and ultraviolet rays. Available in densities ranging from 25-100Kg/m3.

Avon Group’s materials pass flammability according to ISO 3795 with a value of ≤100mm/min.

Manufacturing Process

Thermo-compression is a manufacturing process for thermoformable parts. A precise combination of temperature and pressure make the material adapt to the shape of a mould, thereby obtaining the required part.

With the thermo-compression process, Avon Group can produce diverse parts. These parts can be achieved with variations of thickness and plastic fittings.

The parts can have the surface stamped with the logos or references of our customers. Thermo-compression parts are excellent sealing gaskets, preventing water and air from entering the cabin.

The thermoforming process makes the foam more air and water-tight, more flexible and achieves a greater insulating capacity.

Polyethylene Compression Moulding Applications

Avon Group supply and manufacture a multitude of Automotive foam components. The parts we manufacture have to get past some of the most stringent certification and testing to make it into any vehicle. Avon Group’s PE Compression Mouldings can be used in applications up to 100°c.

Typical applications for PE Compression Mouldings include the following:

  • Mirror Cheater Gaskets
  • Door Insulation
  • NVH Insulation
  • NVH Sill
  • Fender Baffles

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