PU Moulded Foams

Polyurethane can be used for a range of components and can be manufactured in a range of different densities, to be as tough as Rubber or Plastic or as “soft as a cushion”.

Polyurethane can have a range of different skins to allow flexibility, resistance to chemicals and moisture, have an anti-bacterial resistance, as well as a high grade of finish. Polyurethane can be used for noise reduction, impact and sound reduction.

At Avon Group, we offer a wide range of cost effective polyurethane materials.

  • PU Foams for NVH applications
  • PU Foams for under bonnet applications
  • PU Foams used for energy absorption
  • PU Foams for arm rests and consoles

Each of these Foams have unique characteristics, which suit different application areas. Please feel free to discuss with an Avon Group technical representative for more in depth technical data on the Foams we mould. In case we don’t have an application ready we can develop the same as per your requirement. Avon Group offers full technical consultation, design, prototype development and complete production solution for moulded polyurethane products.

Material Properties

Different PU materials exhibit different benefits and choosing the right PU solution for an application is key to the success of any project.

The materials we manufacture have the following properties that can be used to enhance your applications:

  • Sound / Noise Absorption
  • Energy Absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance
  • Greater Design Flexibility
  • Better Resilience and Durability

Polyurethane Foam Applications

Some of the uses for our Foam materials include:

  • Automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) Applications
  • Automotive Void Fillers
  • Automotive Under Bonnet Applications
  • Automotive Energy Absorption Foams
  • HVAC Systems
  • Film Based Foams to prevent water absorption

A key advantage of our Polyurethane products helps improve the NVH performance at a lower weight than a traditional rubber product. The products are used in A, B, C pillars, door mirrors, door seals, and inserts in body panels. Due to their flexible properties, fitment and handling of these components becomes very easy.

These products focus on Acoustic improvement and work on a noise absorption principle that blocks the passage of airborne noise in the hollow cavities of the vehicle.

Due to the capability to withstand stringent temperature conditions varying from -40°c to +120°c, these Foams are widely used in or near the Engine area of the vehicle and Under Bonnet Applications.

Avon Group have the expertise to mould these Foams with special grade material inserts for mounting onto the body which remove the need for heavy metallic inserts. This allows the vehicle manufacturer to use these Foams for Bonnet Liners, Bonnet Buffers, and Air Guides etc.

Energy Absorption Foams are widely used in vehicles to improve passenger safety for side impact protection, A, B, C pillars, Instrument panel components and inserts in Front and Rear bumpers. These Foams provide improved safety performance while reducing weight and costs. These Foams can be used at lower density’s to achieve the same performance as other heavier products. In addition, it achieves better safety ratings, requirement compliance, design flexibility and passenger comfort.

Avon Group also provides Automotive customers with special purpose Foams having a film protection on the Foam to reduce water ingress and these Foams are widely used as Gaskets and as wheelarch NVH in Automotive applications. Avon Group supply and manufacture a multitude of Automotive Foam components. The parts we manufacture have to get past some of the most stringent certification, testing and environmental requirements to make it into any vehicle. These capabilities make Avon Group a leading supplier in the UK for the Automotive industry. Our main focus is to provide innovative components and solutions for the Automotive industry.