Textile Shapes & Assemblies

Avon Group harnesses everything we know about noise reduction from innovating through to prototype and production, utilising all materials from PU to Rubber, Plastics, Foam, and Fibre.

Suppliers for many years to the Automotive and Electronics industry, we have built up unrivalled expertise and are able to offer innovative, cost effective solutions to the most exacting requirements.

We continue to invest in our people, our technology and our infrastructure enabling us to be market leaders in our field.

Capabilities include:

  • 3D printing
  • Adhesive coating & laminating
  • Aerosol, gaskets & seals
  • Body dampeners
  • Body stiffeners
  • Die cutting/Kiss cutting /Heat sealing
  • EPP, EPS Moulding
  • Extrusion & Lathe cut Washers
  • NVH solutions
  • Phosphating, Rubber to Metal & Plastic bonding
  • Plastic Injection Moulding (rigid & flexible)
  • Rubber 2K & Rubber overmoulding
  • Technical Rubber & Polyurethane Foam moulding
  • Textile Shapes & Assemblies
  • Tool production & Technical design
  • Vacuum forming (rigid & foam)
  • Water cutting /Knife cutting/Routing

Acoustics/materials lab and Environmental chambers

Avon Group has invested heavily in its test and laboratory facilities as they form a core part of our continued innovation, new product development and validation. The flexibility, inherent in our manufacturing systems, ensures a wide scope of customer challenges can be met through speed and innovation and brought quickly to market.

Bespoke Acoustic solutions

Throughout the World there is a growing emphasis on quality of life, coupled with intense pressure to protect our environment. Working in partnership with our customers, we have built up considerable experience of the needs of differing market sectors.

This knowledge and experience, together with our comprehensive acoustic testing facilities and laboratories, ensures a complementary resource, which our customers find invaluable when problem solving is critical. Our in-house development and production facilities offer rapid response, advanced engineering design and fast-track problem solving. Prototype components are produced and tested rigorously on-site before the product is manufactured in our own plant to exacting quality standards. Expertise in the use of low weight, high performance materials ensure Avon Group customers can compete in global markets with the most effective products.

The following list is a small example of the variety of materials and components we currently provide for the Automotive industry related to Acoustics;

  • Adhesive backed Felts for anti-rattle applications within dashboard and door panels
  • Cut Felt and Foam parts for sealing areas in heating systems
  • Insulation and Sound proofing materials for boot, tailgate and under bonnet
  • Sealing strips for light clusters
  • Anti-squeak panels placed between different surfaces

Electronics, Leisure and Industrial

As well as leading the way in specialist vehicle Acoustics, Avon Group is an established Gasket, Seal and Plastic mould partner with a wide portfolio of clients in the Electronics, Leisure and Industrial sector.

Avon Group’s range of knowledge and expertise, combined with our First class on-site facilities, has driven forward innovative, cost-effective technologies in these sectors. Avon Group supplies a wide range of Gaskets presented in different formats using a broad range of machinery, into these industries.

Material solutions for industry

Avon Group can supply the very best non-metallic material solutions for a wide range of industries.


The complete range of materials for all applications throughout the vehicle, under bonnet, IP and interior trim. From simple anti-rattle tape to Seals, Gaskets & NVH materials.

White goods

Whether it’s double-sided tape for trim applications, protective film for a delicate area or simple Foams for the movement of air.

Air conditioning (HVAC)

Avon Group can offer the full range of materials to act as Seals and Gaskets. We can also laminate films to the top surface to improve the performance of the material.


We can offer rail specific materials such as Basotect, with or without foil lamination, and present the products in kit form to help with your assembly.

Brown goods

Whether it’s anti-rattle tape for the bezel of a TV or a high performance PU Foam.


We can manufacture bespoke packaging that will protect your medical implant or instrument. All materials used meet FDA standards.


Avon Group specialises in providing customised solutions to individual customers’ needs. With in-house Tool making, a range of cutting machines and with over 40 years of expertise we are able to produce the right results, for the right price, time after time.

Kiss cutting, Water cutting, Die cutting

With the ability to produce our own Tools and a choice of cutting presses, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements. From cutting millions of Washers, Strips or Discs through to larger components in smaller quantities. Our skilled machinists are able to choose the right machine for the right process, ensuring exacting results every time.

Adhesives and Laminating

With capability up to 1.5m wide, 1m diameter, we can apply our own low cost product or laminate a wide range of double sided tapes. We can adhesive coat (high/low tack) most materials in either sheets or rolls, including laminating (open cell Foam to closed cell Foam).


Avon Group components can be assembled onto third party products. Adhesive tapes can also be applied to more than one surface.

Technical capabilities

Analysis is carried out in Avon Group’s in-house, state of the art laboratories where the development specialists and their partners are constantly seeking to create new, innovative and commercially successful products for all our customers’ needs. Avon Group’s long-term investment plans for R & D ensure current products continue to progress, as well as innovating pioneering concepts to introduce into the market.

Avon Group is able to provide Prototyping, Design, Tooling, Manufacture and Testing services, as well as ongoing Technical support. Environmental impact is always at the forefront when creating any new product. We use sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible, sourcing materials locally, reducing the manufacturing carbon footprint, making every solution as Green as possible.

Conversion facilities

Avon Group takes individual customer requirements very seriously. It lies at the heart of everything we do. As supplier to the World’s largest OEMs, we are committed to providing the right products on time, every time. To do this we invest in the latest conversion machinery capable of finishing customers’ products to exacting requirements.

Cutting tables

Our Cutting tables enable us to produce intricate components without the need for Tooling. Our CNC machines can be programmed from CAD drawings. Our experienced operators are able to produce precisely cut parts, first time, every time with optimal material usage.


All our customers’ projects are important to us. We will work with you to deliver parts on time, packed or ready for use, as one delivery or in batches to suit your requirements.

Cutting Tools

With our own Tooling facilities we are able to stay in control of the whole service, able to offer speed of service and total control of projects. We work with our customers to reduce labour and assembly times by producing product solutions that enable enhanced efficiencies, from Kiss/Butt/Part cut to Easy peel/Tabbed backs, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Capabilities include:

Lathe slitting
We can cut all materials (up to 1500mm) from light weight Foams to hard wound production tape.

Rewind slitting
For materials difficult to Lathe slit such as Cloth tapes and Fibrous materials.

For single/double sided tapes (including laminating of different materials).

Die cut facilities
Avon Group produces its own dies so we really can cater to all requirements from simple to complex.