Expansion and Development – we promise our customers the very latest in technological benefits from our Thermoforming facilities.

As part of our continuing product and process developments, we have installed the latest technically advanced machinery at our facilities.

Major advances have been made in recent years in the design and manufacture of Twin Sheet Foam ducting and Avon Group have led the way in developing materials and production methods, to optimise part manufacture and product performance.

Avon Group manufacture consistent high quality Thermoformed products for a diverse range of applications.

Our Sales and Engineering teams are always available to discuss your particular design specifications with you. Our experience with so many applications ensures we can offer you the best solution.

Our Twin Sheet Thermoforming process has significant benefits, allowing the heating of 2 sheets of Foam within our process and then forming and bonding them together in cycle to create hollow components.


Our Research and Development team enjoy rising to the challenge of problem solving, contributing inventive flair and design ingenuity, based on years of experience.

By conducting feasibility studies, analysing individual processes and working closely with the customer on product design and styling, our resources can be applied to optimum effect.

Our Research and Development facility can fully test products to a wide array of specifications, ranging from simple material impact tests through to fully Acoustical analysis. This ensures your performance requirements are met or exceeded. With our strategic partners we continue to jointly develop new and unique materials, designed for specific applications. Typical examples focus on lightweight solutions and higher temperature performance.


Avon Group can Thermoform a wide array of Plastic and Foams. Standard Thermoformable Plastics such as ABS, PP and HDPE, along with more technical high temperature and ‘soft-feel’ derivatives.

We are the UK’s leading Foam Thermoformer, converting a range of lightweight Foams for areas such as Sealing, Water deflection and Air ducting.

A recent inclusion has been the addition of PU/PET Thermoforming technology which allows for fast and efficient manufacture of items such as bonnet insulators and engine under-shields.

A wide range of materials used with thickness ranging from 0.2mm up to 15mm. A variety of finishes are available and colours can be matched to suit your application.

Almost all of our products are fully recyclable with plastics being re-processed and Foams converted into new products.