Our aim is to supply our components, leaving the smallest footprint as possible from the start of the project to its end.

We take care of all aspects.

  • Using Green technology to power and heat our factories
  • Investing in the latest machinery. Typically a new machine is 30-50% more efficient to run.
  • Maximising the efficiency of our deliveries. Full trucks, every time.
  • Working with our customers to get the best utilization of raw material. The customer gets a cost saving. We reduce our waste and reduce the amount of raw material we have to hold.

In addition to corporate responsibility and compliance, sustainability is a key concept within Avon Group. The overall objective is for this generation to hand over our planet to the next generation as a cleaner and more energising place than we inherited. Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in terms of both natural resources and social wellbeing.

We believe that our success and the success of society at large are mutually reinforcing. To create success for Avon Group, we need to create value for society as well. This includes our employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we operate. It also encompasses treating the environment in a way that will sustain it for society and our future business.

From the start of our 2015 financial year, our landfill contribution was zero.

It is the aim of Avon Group, irrespective of any regulation or legislation, to be a good neighbour and to reduce to an absolute minimum any environmental impacts from its working practices and processes.

In conducting its business, it aims to prevent pollution and to save natural resources by operating in the most environmentally efficient and friendly way and by recycling wherever this is practical. This it does by not only keeping its use of material down to a minimum, but also its use of non-renewable resources such as mineral oil, petrol, diesel and indirectly, electricity and gas. Waste is segregated and returned for re-use or recycling wherever practical.


Constantly we are challenging the Green credentials of our products, the weight and costs and to do this we are developing partnerships with our Global supplier network. Our aim is to offer our clients the very best feedstock the World has to offer, enhanced with our local capability and then processed into exacting requirements.